Q&A App Jelly Re-launches as a Modified Version

Biz Stone, the cofounder of Twitter released Jelly in 2013. It was Q&A app which permitted people to crowdsource answers to questions.

However, it did not really take off well and the company decided to move away from the Q&A model and launch Super, which is a social networking app but did not get too much attention.

Stone and Jelly's other cofounder Ben Finkel after more than two years are planning to bring an entirely new version of Jelly which they believe will turn out to be highly successful.

Stone says, "We learned a lot from the first time around. We think we learned our lesson, and we think we've got the magic formula now. But of course, you never know if it's going to work until you fail-then you know it didn't work."

Jelly's original version was connected to an individual's social identity which made it visible to friends what questions they asked. The founders feel that the personal connection was among the major reasons that lead to failure of the original version.

Stone said, "If you tie your social media identity to your searches, you'll do a lot less searches."