HP to launch two 3D printers for business customers

Personal computer and printing giant, Hewlett-Packard has said that it is planning to launch two 3D printers aimed at business customers around the world.

The company is focusing on business customers for its 3D printers unlike some of the competitors like Formlabs and MakerBot, which are creating products directly for the consumers. HP's printers will be capable of creating prototypes and larger batches of items required by the business customers. HP is aiming to cater to the industrial market, which is believed to have a larger demand for the more expensive 3D printing devices.

HP's 3200 printer will be priced at $130,000 or $155,000 if the customers opt for extra post-processing software and other tools. On the other hand, the 4200 model will come with a price tag of $200,000 depending on configuration. The 4200 model will be capable of printing 3D objects in bulk for the customers.HP has claimed that its new printer is faster and cheaper than other 3D printers targeting the industrial manufacturing sector.

While the sales from computers and standard printers have fallen, HP is increasingly focusing on 3D printing to increase sales. HP's CEO Dion Weisler had also indicated that the company might look at entering the $12 trillion injection molding market, which is used by manufacturesto craft hundreds of thousands of objects like car dashboards from molten metals or plastics loaded into custom molds for specific uses.