New Health Advisory from EPA Impacts Drinking Water Supplies in Wright-Patterson

A new health advisory from the Environmental Protection Agency impacted many of the valley water supplies' drinking water sources.

On Friday, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency told Wright-Patterson to stop using a drinking water well which is used by Area A, due to the presence of high levels of a chemical which is found in firefighting foams.

The agency said that infants and pregnant women should look for alternative water sources. According to Wright-Patterson it would hand out bottled water to those people who come under those categories starting today.

Last month, based on samples of water that were taken from two wells, the EPA reported it found perfluorooctane sulfanate levels of 110 parts per trillion. On Thursday, the new threshold level set by the U. S. was 70 parts per trillion. That put both the water wells out of agreement with the permitted levels.

The EPA said, the other well has been already put off line. Bottled water is being used by Wright-Patterson Medical Center for patients and also for making food said Marie Vanover, a spokeswoman. She said, "We are currently assessing the impacts to the base if we shut that well down."