GMO Foods Might not be as Scary as Thought to be

Consumption of GMO or genetically modified food has been a subject of debate for years. Almost one year back,
Chipotle Mexican Grill, the fast food chain rolled out its "G-M-Over It" campaign. The Denver, Colorado company declared it would be eliminating the use of genetically engineered food from its menu as a commitment to serve healthy food. The consumers preferring to go with GMO free options rejoiced but most food scientists did not find it to be a big issue as they say there is no need to fear the genetically modified organisms so much.

However, till now Chipotle acknowledges it still serves some foods with GMO including certain soft drinks and certain dairy as well as meat products.  The chain has a reason for that "Scientists are still studying the long-term effects of GMOs (and) more independent studies are needed."

A study that was long anticipated was released by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine on Tuesday. It shed light on two key issues that genetically engineered crops are longer pose health risk to humans compared to conventionally bred crops. The other one is that the resistance to insects and weeds which has evolved due to their use is a "major agricultural problem." The findings related to the agriculture industry were more troubling than health problems which have been blown out of proportion all these years.