Instagram Introduces New “Instagram Business Tools” to make the Platform More Attractive for Businesses

Instagram has come up with options for businesses to bolster its position as a platform among the users as a leading player in the mobile advertising arena.

On Tuesday, photo-and-video sharing service owned by Facebook unveiled its new "Instagram Business Tools" that make things better for businesses in analyzing and running advertisement campaigns through the mobile app.

The new feature allows companies to look at post engagement and also the performance metrics of content and helps them to uphold posts within the mobile app directly aiming at reaching to maximum number of customers.

Another thing that Instagram launched for the first time was "Business profiles" which will allow the users to connect to companies through the app.

This underscores how Instagram is trying to draw the attention of growing number of small businesses to the platform.

James Quarles, Instagram's Global Head of Business and Brand Development said, "We built [the tools] for a smaller business, but we think that larger businesses will use these tools when they're on the go. This is useful for businesses of all sizes."

Instagram started ad services first in 2013 and since then advertising has proved to be a great success on the platform. Currently, the app now boasts of having 200,000 marketers who can reach 400 million active users monthly.