Airbnb Introduces a New Feature for Lodging Complaints

There could be an easier way to report noisy Airbnb guests in your neighborhood as Tuesday, the company launched a new feature which will allow the neighbors of Airbnb hosts to lodge complaints with the company.

The San Francisco, California based short-term rental company which faces some regulation concerns in certain cities, is allowing to lodge grievances under categories like, noise, party, or disturbance; personal safety or criminal activity ; common spaces (parking, trash, etc.); general concerns with neighbors hosting.

It is going to include all locations nationwide Massachusetts and New England included. The new feature available on the website of the company will allow disturbed neighbors to file complains directly with the company without getting the police, landlords or the condo associations getting involved. The company promises to look into each complaint and said, "We'll treat each case seriously and ensure that we give hosts and their neighbors the opportunity to resolve concerns themselves, whenever possible." Airbnb also said that repeated failures to meet company standards could also lead to removal of the host from the company's listings.

Earlier, the company had a phone hotline that for operational incase people wanted to report problems in their neighborhood but the company did not provide the specific number of complaints which it has got.