JPMorgan Chase’s Everyday Dress Code to be Business Casual

The most formally dressed up industry may have been the banks in the country but it appears that they are also allowing their employees to relax a bit on this count. On

Friday, reportedly JPMorgan Chase told 237,420 workers that it was changing its everyday dress code, business casual. This is a move that seems to be taken by JPMorgan to make its employees comply with the changing recent casual nature of today's work environment.

JPMorgan's operating committee wrote in the memo, "More clients are dressing informally, and many parts of our business are already business casual. And while it may not be possible to dress business casual at all times or in all areas, we believe having a firm wide guideline is the right thing to do."

However, things can't be made too casual and denim is surely not considered appropriate, if not the employee gives permission to wear it. In case, employees go against the dress code of the industry they might do that at their peril because often enough corporate attire warns that if the employees do not dress up appropriately, they "may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment."

More and more corporations are giving a nod to more relaxed dress code including some of the most stringent followers like General Electric and IBM. They have also shifted away from the white shirt and dark tie uniforms.