Online Shopping Preferences Grow with Millennials Leading the Change

A recent survey conducted by United Parcel Service Inc and researcher ComScore showed that most shoppers prefer online shopping and the Millennials drive the shift.
In the fifth year of the survey, for the very first time more than half the consumers said they bought most of their things online compared to their purchases in stores. The yearly survey of 5,000 or more online shoppers showed that they made fifty one percent of their purchases online compared to 2015's forty eight percent.

The shoppers who were polled make minimum of two purchases online in three-month span barring groceries.

The results of the survey is important because it reveals the shift of shopping preferences of customers and how more people are adopting online shopping.

 In 2016, forty four percent of the people who use a smartphone said they made at least one purchase via their device compared to the forty one percent one year back.

That highlights the problem which retailers with brick and mortar presence are facing in the new era of cyber shopping.

In recent quarters, JC Penny, Kohl's Nordstrom, Macy's have posted disappointing results. Only, Target and Walmart had slightly better results with sales going up in the established stores.

Online retail giant Amazon on the other hand marked twenty eight percent raise in sales in the latest quarter to $29.1 billion.