Uber Rolls Out Scheduled Pick up Services up to 30 Days in Advance

After Gett and Lyft, Uber is allowing its users to make a pickups schedule in advance up to 30 days.

In an announcement, Uber said the new system will allow the travelers to have peace of mind "even when you have a flight at the crack of dawn." The initial idea of Uber was to build a service where there would be sufficient number of drivers always to meet the demand for any pick up timing.

The Uber service of booking ahead of schedule is available only in Seattle but will be soon rolled out to other locations globally. It is somewhat similar to the traditional system which the taxi and limo companies use.

The company is currently making the new service available through its UberX, which is the lowest-cost version where the passengers ride the Uber drivers' personal vehicles.

In an announcement, the company said "We're making this available first to business travelers. We expect to make the feature broadly available to all riders as we continue the rollout. Scheduled Rides are priced exactly like a normal uberX ride and subject to pricing conditions at the future time the request is made. Surge pricing may apply."