Children Continue to Miss School in UK

Children Continue to Miss School in UKA report published by the Department for Education has found that 378,471 state school pupils in England missed school every day. It means that 6% of lesson time was lost due to children skipping classes without an excuse. This is still an improvement as compared to last year figures.

The major reason for these was family holidays and illness. It revealed that a lot of children were taken on cheap holidays during school time by their parents. They also lied to the teachers in order to avoid fines.

One in every six parent admitted to telling lies while some also pretended that their children were ill. Others also told that half term holidays had to be extended into the school week because the plane had been delayed.

It was found that 57,418 children or 0.93% missed school every day due to these reasons. It also leads to a loss of a lot of money and resources.

Government has spent £1bn in the last 10 years to keep children in the classrooms and also introduced £50 spot fines, truancy patrols, parenting contracts and even jail for mothers and fathers condoning absence.

The numbers of habitual offenders has decreased significantly in primary as well as secondary schools.