Apple Seeks Permission to Sell Excess Solar Power to Consumers at Market Price

Along with its popular iPhones and Macbooks, very soon Apple might start selling energy to its consumers.

Last week, the Cupertino, California based technology giant filed a tariff application to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission asking it to allow it to sell the energy at a market based price, which the company generates at the solar plants and other renewable energy facilities. Those include hydroelectric as well as biogas plants.

The request from Apple was made via its Apple LLC, the Delaware energy subsidiary that's operated completely by Apple's California headquarters.

In the U. S, private companies are permitted to sell the extra energy that they generate but they can only sell that to other energy companies at a wholesale rate. However, Apple says that as the company is not a threat to other energy companies or does not control inputs to energy power production, the regulators are requested to grant it permission to sell energy at market price.

The tariff read, "Applicant seeks the same blanket authorization and waivers of the Commission's rules and filing requirements previously granted to other entities authorized to transact at market-based rates."

The tech giant has requested the tariff to be granted within 60 days of the filing. Apple did not respond to a request for comment.