China’s Industrial Output Grew Steadily in May

China's industrial output showed some positive changes in May, growing 6.0 percent compared to last year same time.

Data from the National Bureau of Statistics revealed that the value-added industrial output which is a gauge for economic growth was in line with an average forecast of 6.0 percent growth by an economists' poll.

In a month on month basis, industrial production in May grew 0.45percent compared to April and 0.47percent compared to the month previous to that.

The analysts think that the rise in industrial output got some support from the spending by the government in infrastructure and added recovery in the real estate market.

Even the fixed-asset investment other than rural households of China scaled 9.6percent compared to last year during the half yearly, January to May period compared to 10.5 percent increase noted in the initial four months this year.

It is a closely watched gauge for construction activity and failed to match the economists' forecast of 10.4 percent rise.

In May, the retail sales figure also climbed 10.0 percent compared to last year from but it slowed from April's 10.1percent growth. It failed to match economists' forecast of 10.1percent rise.