FAA Seeking to Impose $350,000 Penalty on Amazon for Improperly Labeled Leaky Shipment

On Monday, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it is seeking to impose penalty $350,000 on Amazon for violating hazardous materials regulations.

The civil penalty is related to a packaging issue of "Amazing! LIQUID FIRE," which is a heavy duty drain cleaner with a sulfuric acid base.

Amazon shipped the product through UPS on October 15, 2014 which allegedly was not properly packed and some amount leaked through the fiberboard box.

FAA says when the Liquid Fire was being transported; some of the product leaked and nine UPS employees experienced a burning sensation when they came in contact with it. Later they received a chemical wash treatment.

According to the FAA, Amazon's shipment did carry proper labeling as hazardous material and was not packed properly. Further, the FAA says it's not the first time for to violate the rules related to hazardous. The company has broken rules many times from February 2013 to September 2015. One incident that took place in 2013, involved a package which contained liquid adhesive which was flammable and not labeled properly and was sent by air on FedEx. For that, Amazon ended up paying a penalty of $91,000 to FAA.