Authorities launch campaign for safely transporting food

The authorities in the United Arab Emirates have launched a campaign to urge people to be cautious when transporting their food in this weather.

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) launched a social media campaign asking residents to handle their groceries with care. Experts said that the transporting the groceries from air-conditioned supermarkets to the hot weather outside to the air-conditioned cars could impact the safety of some of the food products if adequate safety measures are not taken.

The ADFCA released a few points to keep in mind in order to ensure that the food does not spoil or contaminate due to the varying temperatures. It asked people not to mix meat products with vegetables or fruits in the shopping cart in order to prevent cross-contamination. It also advised people to keep chemicals like cleaners and detergents away from the food products. They are also advised to pick milk and milk-based products while concluding the shopping.

It also said that frozen food should not be left out for too long and the consumers must carefully read the food labels before making any purchases. It suggested that people should head straight home after shopping in order to ensure that the food does not remain in the car for a long time.

"Transport food only in an air-conditioned car and never put food products in the outside trunk," reads the ADFCA food safety messages.