The ObamaCare Premiums Could Jump by Double Digits in 2017

The healthcare marketplaces under ObamaCare had a turbulent year this time and many insurers suffered heavy losses that they want to pull off the exchanges completely in 2017. It includes, United HealthCare, one of the largest insurers in the United States.

Several of the companies are in a situation where they are dealing with lower than expected government help due to the shortfall funding of the ObamaCare risk-sharing pool. Many of the insurers are opting for legal action to retrieve the funds. Most insurers have expressed their concerns about the Obama administration not taking sufficient measures to stabilize the marketplace.

Where the insurers are seeking permission to raise premiums rates, the ObamaCare executives face tremendous pressure to keep the premium rates from moving too high. Most of the customers will receive the first notice for their new premium payments in November, a crucial as it falls before the Election Day.

The general opinion is that premiums could increase in double digits this year but the White House is advising the states to be more stringent with the hikes which health insurance companies are looking for.