Profits Rise While Risks Remain For Brewin Dophin Holdings

Profits Rise While Risks Remain For Brewin Dophin HoldingsIt has been reported that Brewin Dolphin Holdings, stockbroker and investment manager primarily based in Britain has been a good surge in their profits for the first half but the risks that had always been there are still intact but they still remain optimistic over the prospects for the remaining year that lies ahead.

The profits have seen a rise for the firm by almost 21 per cent in the 26 weeks up to March 28.

It has also been reported that the underlying profits, which actually excludes the impacts caused by the redundancy costs and the payments for the renewal of the contracts, taking it to about 20.3 million pounds.

It was also reported that they also had a surge when it came to the staff costs and the reason was due to the fact that the Company paid out a share of the profits to the employees.

The funds under management of the group also saw a rise from the previous 16.3 billion pounds to the current 23.0 billion pounds while the global markets still fight to recover themselves from the recession that hit.