Staff of Marks & Spencer To Share Bonus Of £81 Million

Sir Stuart RoseIt seems that the outgoing boss of Marks & Spencer, Sir Stuart Rose, will be remembered by all there, as the staff there is to share the £81 million bonus.

This bonus is given as a parting gift from Sir Stuart Rose. It has been reported that this payout would come around to £500 for the shop floor workers who had actually helped the Company to endure the recession and stood by the Company when they were being ravaged by it.

It was announced that the Company had seen a rise in their profits by almost 4.6 per cent and it was much better than they expected.

Another good thing for the Company is that the food sales also saw a rise for the very first time since the summer of the year 2007 with their deals with "Dine in for £10", which was very well received and stomped on by the shoppers.

It was also reported that the United Kingdom would be back into action really soon by snapping out of the recession and of course the very tough spending cuts that the Government has been imposing on them.