Yuengling Agrees to Pay $2.8M fine and to Improve Pollution Control

The regulators accused Pennsylvania based beer company Yuengling of violating the Clear Water Act for dumping a high level of industrial waste into a municipal wastewater treatment facility. The company has agreed to pay $2.8 million as fine to settle charges. Additionally, it will also install new pollution control measures in two of its breweries.

On top of that, as part of the settlement Youngling will also spend $7 million to improve environmental systems at the breweries close to Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

A Yuengling executive said that the beer maker has completed the environmental upgrades already by constructing a wastewater treatment facility which is operational since March. Right now, Yuengling is complying with the Clean Water Act.

The Justice Departmen said, Yuengling violated proper Clean Water Act, 141 times between the time period of 2008 to 2015, as they dumped too much waste into the treatment plant.

In a statement, Shawn Garvin, Environmental Protection Agency's regional administrator said "Yuengling is responsible for serious violations of its Clean Water Act pretreatment discharge limits, posing a potential risk to the Schuylkill River which provides drinking water to 1.5 million people."

According to the company's executive the waste which the company discharged was not dangerous for public health and mostly contained organic materials from the process of brewing. It said dumping was more than usual due to greater demand for beer.