UAE airlines might gain more access to UK following Brexit

Aviation experts have indicated that the UAE carriers might gain more access to the UK market following the UK's vote to leave the European Union as the UAE might be able to negotiate a new bilateral agreement.

Data showed that the UAE airlines operate around 168 flights a week to UK and this might increase if the UK and UAE decide to strengthen their bilateral air services as there will not be any interference or directions from the European playmakers in Brussels. Experts said that if the two countries agree to talks on an agreement, it might allow UAR carriers to gain more access to the lucrative UK while UK carriers will be operate more services to the UAE.

However, experts have said that the process of Britain leaving the European Union might take around two years and nothing is expected to change.  They said that there will not be any change to any of the air service agreements between the UK and UAE

Emirates operates 126 weekly flights to the UK and a total of 514 flights a week to European countries.Etihad Airways operates 42 flights a week to the UK including 21 weekly flights to London and it operates a total of 344 flights per week to Europe. Flydubai and Air Arabia only cater to some European destinations but do not fly to the United Kingdom.