PTSD impact soldiers for years

Experts have said that several soldiers suffer from the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD for several years while trying to lead a civilian life and integrate back into the society.

Many of those suffering from the condition are often perceived to ones having anger filled inside them that often burst violently on family members, who do not understand the person's condition well. Many people say in the US say that the PTSD only comes to light when there is an incident involving violent death.

Activists said that PTSD Awareness Day was created in 2010 to spread awareness and fight society's inability to deal with the issue. Data showed that an estimated 8 million to 13 million adults in the U. S. have PTSD meaning that
8 per cent of all Americans will develop PTSD in their lifetimes indicating that steps should be taken to address the issue.

Activists also said that one out of every nine women in this country develops PTSD, which is much more than that for men. They said that PTSD can certainly be caused by combat but also by other situations like sexual violence, emotional abuse, natural disasters, harassment, car accidents, chronic illness, experiencing a robbery, being stalked, shootings, neglect, the sudden death of a loved one, discrimination, kidnapping, a family member with addiction or mental health issues and others.