Restaurant Chain Noodles & Co. Experienced a Data Breach Affecting Customer Information in 27 States

People who enjoyed some noodle, pasta, pad Thai or mac 'n' cheese dishes at Noodles & Co in the first half of 2016, might like to keep a tab on their credit card statements more closely.

The restaurant chain serving all kinds of noodle dishes experienced a data breach which might have put the customers' at five Central Florida Noodles & Co. restaurants along with many more in other states at risk. The restaurant chain reported a security breach which affected credit and debit cards.

In a statement, Noodles & Co said it began investigating "unusual activity" which was reported by its credit card processor on May 17.

The company "discovered suspicious activity on its computer systems that indicated a potential compromise of guests' debit and credit card data for some debit and credit cards used" in the starting of June in the restaurants locations in twenty seven states and the District of Columbia.

After the investigation it was discovered that "malware may have stolen credit or debit card data from some credit and debit cards" in between the time period of January 31 to June 2.

The information which is at risk includes name, card number, expiry date and card verification value of the card holders.