Cost of Proposed Hyperloop Linking Helsinki to Stockholm will be $21 Billion

Still under its developmental stage, Hyperloop, a high-speed system of depressurized tubes that will help transport people and packages have grabbed attention of the world.

It was popularized for the first time by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk in 2013. Though it has not been tried but in thory it can send people through the tube at a speed of up to 760 mph.

In case, this really works successfully, cities as well as companies that are thinking of supporting the effort want to know exactly what will be the cost to build the system. The amount of revenue it will generate when it's up and running to calculate return on investment from the Hyperloop.

KPMG conducted study which was commissioned by FS Links, partner of Hyperloop One, a Los Angeles based startup. It determined that a proposed 310-mile hyperloop network which will connect Stockholm in Sweden and Helsinki in Finland would cost about $21 billion.

It's a figure that includes the tube in which people will sit and the tracks they will travel along, the civil engineering costs, and overhead. It also includes the three billion euros which will be needed to construct a long marine tunnel through the Aland archipelago.