How Could Apple Pay be Hurt by Walmart’s Own Pay System

Walmart shoppers can shop light, as they no longer need to carry their wallets while shopping at about five thousand U.S. stores of the retailer.

On Wednesday, the largest retailer of the world announced it completed the roll out of Walmart Pay system in nineteen more states which makes it available in thirty seven states in the U.S. The company also says the service will be available nationwide by the end of this year. In total, Walmart Pay is available in 5,000 stores currently.

Walmart started testing the payment option via smartphones in December as an add-on mobile app. The company thereafter expanded the services which has become popular with its customers.

Walmart Pay could be a big shocker for Apple Pay as the retailer prevented the service from penetrating to its network of stores. Wal-Mart is among the very few companies which have openly rejected to support Apple Pay from the time it was launched in October 2014.

The smart move by Wal-Mart to use its own payment app that connects customers into its ecosystem could be an eye opener for other big retailers. In that case Apple will lose a large chunk of offline retail which still continues for a big fraction of the total retail spending.