Delta Air Jetliner Lands at the Wrong South Dakota Airport by Mistake

A National Transportation Safety Board spokesman said that by mistake a jetliner of Delta Air Lines carrying hundred and thirty passengers landed at Ellsworth Air Force Base when it was supposed to land at the Rapid City Regional Airport which is close by.

The incident on Thursday evening is being investigated. The Delta Flight 2845 left Minneapolis/St. Paul and was headed for Rapid City Regional Airport but instead landed at the Ellsworth Air Force Base at 8:42 p.m. Thursday, Central Time.

Ellsworth is just ten miles north of Rapid City Regional Airport and both airports have runways which are oriented almost identically to the compass, from northwest to southeast.

One of the passengers who was interviewed said she and the other passengers had to wait for more than two hours in the airplane at Ellsworth. They were ordered to pull down their window shades and military personnel with a dog and a firearm walked through the cabin.

It is not the first incident of its kind and earlier too airline pilots have made similar mistakes taking the Air Force base for the Rapid City airport.

Way back in 2004, a Northwest Airlines flight with hundred and seventeen passengers headed for Rapid City also landed at Ellsworth.

Delta said later, "the flight re-departed for Rapid City Thursday night after coordinating with officials."