MBTA Decides to Pay $66m to Commuter Rail Operator to Improve Services

On Monday, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA or 'The T') decided to pay its commuter rail operator an additional $66 million more than what was earlier planned, over a period of six years following the $30 million loss that the company faced in 2015.

Keolis Commuter Services still struggles with its in-time performance and the additional money will help it to add more locomotives and coaches and also maintain the new equipments along with operating as per some recently revised train schedules.

However, the renewed alterations raise a question whether the originally laid out Keolis deal; the one which was the biggest operating contract in the history of Massachusetts is sustainable over a longer period.

Stephanie Pollack, the Transportation Secretary says, the changes in contract were required for improved services provided to the customers.
Stephanie Pollack said, "We are convinced that without investing more money in taking care of the locomotives and coaches, which is the T's responsibility, we're not going to see the performance we think our customers deserve."

A French company, Keolis continues to struggle with losses connected to its $2.68 billion contract with Massachusetts. Deputy General Manager of Keolis, Franck Dubourdieu, said the newly injected funds will not only help the performance of the company but will also help it "lose less money."