Solar Power Floods California Grid with Record 8,030 Megawatts Electricity

The booming renewable energy industry in California had a really bright day this week. The California Independent System Operator or ISO, the state's biggest power grid managed to generate a record amount of solar energy which is sufficient for providing  power to more than two million homes.

It's a record amount briefly generated on Tuesday just after 1 p.m. The large solar plants which are placed all over California produced record 8,030 megawatts electricity said the California Independent System Operator. The organization operates most of California's renewable power grids. The amount generated was close to almost twice the amount of solar power which the state could generate two years back.

Sean Gallagher, vice president for state policy at the Solar Energy Industries Association said, "It's a great milestone for California and the solar industry." He also added that California represents almost half of U.S's solar industry in terms of megawatts produced.

These impressive numbers do not include the full scale solar power capacity in the state like rooftop solar panels, which are common on California household roofs. The amount also does not count in the solar power which is generated by state's smaller utilities which are not owned by the ISO.