Amazon will Test Its Drone Delivery in the U.K Under a New Partnership

Amazon for years has been trying to expand its drone delivery testing and in the U.S, the company did not get permission to pilot the flying machines beyond the operator's line of sight.

Now, Amazon has partnered with the British government in that effect and can expand its drone testing efforts notably. This move could permit Amazon's drone deliveries of packages to British homes much earlier than in the U.S.

According to the new partnership, the British aviation regulators, the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority will allow Amazon to test many aspects of drone technology like allowing the machine to fly beyond the operator's line of sight in rural and suburban areas. These tests will be conducted in airspace that's less than 400 feet.

Amazon said that the CAA will be completely involved in the process of these drone tests and the outcome will "help inform the development of future policy and regulation in this area."
In the U.S, the FAA recently announced rules for usage of commercial drones but those does not permit drone delivery services as they are not allowed to be flown beyond the line of sight operations. It is not possible for Amazon to run its trial under those rules.