Fiat Chrysler Reports U.S. Sales Numbers with New Reporting Practices

On Tuesday, Fiat Chrysler Automobile's, American-based operations reported sales numbers after revising its reporting practices in the US, amid investigations being conducted by federal officials and claims of exaggerated sales numbers.

FCA US also announced a new methodology which focuses on being more consistent and transparent, while reporting numbers of consumer and fleet sales.

According to the company the main objective "is to provide in FCA US's judgment the best available estimate of the number of FCA US vehicles sold to end users through the end of a particular month applying a consistent and transparent methodology."

However, when calculated with the new methodology a lot of numbers would change. FCA US' impressive sales streak since 2011, of more than seventy months will have ended in September 2013, when following the new method of calculations.

The growth in sales numbers would have ceased after forty months and would have had three added periods of consecutive year on year improvements of 228 plus months.

Considering those numbers, the overall sales number of the automaker would have showed, it actually sold only below 19,000 more vehicles in the five year time period.

The company said, under the new methodology, the yearly sales volumes for every year for the five years period from 2011to 2016 were inside the roughly 0.7 percent of the unit sales volume that was earlier reported.