Study questions UAE’s higher education system

A new study has raised some questions over the quality of the higher education system in the United Arab Emirates.

The new paper titled "Factors favouring or impeding building a stronger higher education system in the United Arab Emirates" described the quality of UAE's higher education system as "debatable". The researchers aimed to examine the efforts in research, teaching and student recruitment in the country.

Lead author Dr Sanaa Ashour said: "Despite the many quality and regulatory bodies in the UAE and regardless of its performance indicators in the Global Competitiveness Reports, the state's quality of higher education is still debatable due to the quality of graduates and the level of programmes being offered in some private institutions."

Dr Ashour works as an assistant professor of mass communications at Khawarizmi International College in Abu Dhabi.Dr Ashour wrote the paper based on an extensive literature review. The study was published in the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management.

There are three federal institutions including three UAE University in Al Ain,Zayed University and the Higher Colleges of Technology in the country. There are more than 70 institutions licensed by the Ministry of Education and another 40 in free zones.There are also 30 branch campuses in Dubai representing universities from Australia, the UK and India.