Global body accredits UAE’s TView service

Centre d'étude des supports de Publicité (CESP) has announced that the UAE's TView television audience measurement (TAM) service meets international standards.

CESP conducted an audit of the service and said that the country's TV rating system complies with the best global standards. The audit was the third consecutive annual audit of TView by the agency. TView achieved a milestone as it crossed a media industry benchmark of a TV ratings service with active panellist participation of more than 85 per cent and also made improvements in other areas.

The endorsement from CESP reinforces that the UAE's TViewdaily ratings service, which was designed by Kantar Media, is sound in accuracy, accountability, transparency, representativeness and demographic scale. It also has a higher level of participation of panellists than the benchmark set by the CESP and the television industry

CESP concluded that "The research design and deployment of the TView TV audience measurement system is aligned with international standards. The TView TV audience measurement system can be used by the UAE media industry."

Experts said that the endorsement after the third tough audit shows that the service is the most accurate measurement service for the UAE television industry and will help grow the television advertising market in the country.