Florida Sales Tax Holiday Weekend Starts Friday, August 5

Coming Friday, August 5, sales tax holiday kicks off in Florida and will end on August 7. However, this year many items did not make it to the tax exemption list and many failed to get an attractive discount.

The tax holidays are mainly in honor of the new school year when many families find it a burden to get new school supplies.  Initially there were discussions regarding doing away with the tax holiday this year but somehow, it survived through budget cuts.

Every year the rule changes and new items are on the list that get special exemptions from sales tax and this year it seems that state used the term "school supplies" quite loosely.

This year, the Florida state officials decided to trim allowances on clothing, shoes and computers for 2016 Sales Tax Holiday.

In 2015, the lawmakers eliminated sales tax on computers that were priced up to $750. It meant, shoppers could save as much as $52. But this year, there is no such chance.

Even clothes are a casualty this year as law makers decided to give shoppers a break on the state as well as local sales taxes on the item that's worth $60 or less. Last year clothes up to a price tag of $100 were given a tax break.

One stark change noted this year is that, the ten day sales tax holiday in the state last year, has been rolled back to only a three day weekend event in 2016.