Even with Relaxed California Drought Rules Residents Continue Conserving Water

It was two months ago that Governor Jerry Brown's administration decided to relax drought rule in California but a new set of data show that careful Californians still continue saving significant amounts of water.

 Data released on Tuesday by the State Water Resources Control Board showed that all over the California, urban residents trimmed their water use 21.5 percent in June when compared to the same period in 2013. In May this year, the residents saved 28.1 percent water by cutting down their usage.

The relaxed new rules in the state was effective from June and the recent reports shed light on the fact whether Californians will still continue to conserve water after facing a long drawn drought situation.

The new figures demonstrate that residents of the state still remain worried about the drought even when many cities have permitted more frequent watering of their lawns and have also easing other drought related restrictions this summer following a moderately wet winter.

Felicia Marcus, the Water Resources Control Board chairwoman said "It's maybe not as good as we hoped, but it's better than we feared with conflicting messages out there."