1Password launches new monthly subscription service

In a recently published blog post, 1Pasword -- a password manager used widely by macOS and iOS users -- has revealed that it is switching up its business model by rolling out a new monthly subscription service for consumers.

Announcing the new consumer subscription service, 1Password said that the subscription will cost $3 per month per individual. The subscription will give 1Password users the ability to access the password manger on all their devices.

The $3-per-month monthly subscription service announced by 1Password will also enable the users of the password manager to automatically sync their passwords across devices via the 1Password platform. In addition, the subscription will also bring along the advantage of protection to 1Password users in the case of loss of data and access to their passwords on the 1Password website.

In reference to the launch of the new $3-per-month subscription service, 1Password said in the blog post that the response to its two new services -- 1Password Families and 1Password Teams -- launched earlier this year has been "amazing;" and added that a lot of 1Password users had asked for "a special plan" so that they could also enjoy the benefits of the company's new hosted platform that unfolds awesome features.

1Password said: "We now have the perfect answer: our new service made for individuals."