Facebook launches new standalone app for sharing photos/videos

In a move which will apparently enable Facebook to win over young users, the social network is rolling out a standalone iOS app - called 'Lifestage' - for sharing photos and videos.

The new Lifestage app is basically aimed at Facebook users aged 21 years and younger. The app allows the users to post photos and videos, and also to express their likes/dislikes, emotions, and friendships. The app opens directly to a camera screen, which is a clear indication of its focus on photos and videos.

The Lifestage app has primarily been developed for high-schoolers, to give them the ability to browse the profiles of their school classmates. As such, though the app can technically be downloaded by anyone, users above the age of 22 years will only be able to see their own profiles.

As of now, the Lifestage app is an invite-only on iOS; and becomes active for a school with at least 20 users.

When high-schoolers sign up for the Lifestage app, without the need of a Facebook account, they have to select their school; and can subsequently view the video profiles from other users at their school or from the ones close by.