Bloomberg: Apple will likely eliminate the home button on 2017 iPhone

According to a Bloomberg report, the 2017 model of the Apple iPhone will probably come without the iconic home button.

Apple's reported decision to do away with the home button -- to which Apple fans have become accustomed over the last nearly ten years -- on the 2017 iPhone version is apparently a part of the company's dramatic revamp of the iPhone.

Bloomberg's report about the home button-less version of the iPhone likely to be launched by Apple next year is in line with some other reports about the 2017 iPhone which - equipped with OLED display technology - will mark the tenth anniversary of Apple's popular high-end handset.

Earlier, in June, The Wall Street Journal had reported that Apple plans to eliminate the home button on the 2017 iPhone, so as to make the whole front side of the handset "appear like a single sheet of glass."

Meanwhile, some other recent reports have disclosed that the forthcoming 2016 iPhone is being refreshed by Apple with a solid-state pressure-sensitive 'Force Touch ID' module. Though the mentioned module will not be a complete replacement for the home button, Apple's decision to utilize such a component seemingly marks an advance in the direction of eliminating the home button in the 2017 iPhone.