Google launching pilot program for its own ride-sharing service in San Francisco

In a move which indicates that Google is venturing into ride-sharing service Uber's territory, the bigwig tech company has plans underway to introduce its own ride-sharing service in San Francisco.

According to the information disclosed by an unidentified source familiar with the proceedings at Google, the ride-sharing service which the company plans to launch in San Francisco would basically give passengers the ability to join carpools at a bargain price.

A pilot program for Google's ride-sharing service was started by the company around its California headquarters in May. The program enables several thousand employees of some specific companies in the area to connect with fellow commuters, with the help of Google's Waze navigation app.

As per the disclosure by the unidentified source, Google plans to make the pilot program for the ride-sharing service available to all Waze users in the San Francisco area this fall; and expand the program further to other areas if it is successful.

In Google's pilot program for the ride-sharing service in San Francisco, any local Waze user can sign up as a driver. However, ridership is restricted to approximately 25,000 employees in San Francisco area, from a number of bigwig companies like Google, Wal-Mart, and Adobe Systems, among others. Riders can avail a maximum to two rides -- ferrying them to and from their workplace -- in a single day.