Samsung is reportedly preparing to announce global recall of Galaxy Note 7

In a recently released report, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency has disclosed that bigwig smartphone manufacturer Samsung may soon announce a massive worldwide recall of its latest Galaxy Note flagship handset --- the Galaxy Note 7.

Previously, The Korea Herald had reported that a recall of Galaxy Note 7 handsets is being 'considered' by Samsung.

The anticipated global recall of the brand new Galaxy Note 7 handsets by Samsung will be a drastic and unprecedented move, which will probably be a direct consequence of recent reports about the explosion of some Galaxy Note 7 batteries while charging --- a matter which is being investigated by Samsung.

Though the battery problem seemingly affects barely 0.1 percent of the new Galaxy Note 7 devices sold till now, the move to recall the handsets evidently underscores a precautionary measure by Samsung.

Going by the reports related to the speculated recall of Galaxy Note 7 handsets by Samsung, the company may issue a worldwide recall of the handsets this coming weekend or early next week.

According to the Yonhap report, Samsung is presently in discussions with the carriers - including bigwig US wireless carrier Verizon Wireless - which that have already launched the Galaxy Note 7, to work out the details about the handling of the handset's recall process.