Daimler may reportedly launch 6-9 “electric” models by 2024

According to a Reuters report, bigwig German car manufacturer Daimler plans to launch at least 6 - and, probably, 9 - "electric" models by the year 2024, to pose a potential challenge to electric vehicles manufactured by Tesla motors and other automakers.

The report -- based on the information shared by an unidentified source familiar with the proceedings at Daimler -- indicates that Daimler is pretty serious about its electric vehicle plans, which it has been talking about quite openly in recent times.

Though the Reuters source has not divulged any details related to the specifications or expected pricing of the 6-9 "electric" models being planned for launch by Daimler in the coming years, it is being speculated that Daimler would likely launch a variety of electric vehicles, in an attempt to entice a wide range of potential buyers.

Going by recent disclosures by several other sources, the "electric" models which Daimler plans to bring to the market will include at least two sedans and two SUVs. In addition, it is also likely may also launch compacts and crossovers.

Meanwhile, with Daimler scheduled to unveil its new all-electric vehicle at the Paris Motor Show in September, it is being assumed that the unveiling of the vehicle will give a better idea about the company's seriousness in the electric vehicle arena.