Larry Ellison: Oracle's future in the cloud

During the course of an address at Oracle's OpenWorld conference in San Francisco on Sunday night, Oracle's former CEO Larry Ellison -- presently the Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of the company -- said that Oracle's future in the cloud.

The statement by Ellison implies that Oracle plans to pose a substantial competition to Amazon - and challenge its dominance - in the cloud services arena; thereby hinting at a major new product direction for Oracle.

About a potential cloud-computing battle between Oracle and Amazon in the future, Ellison said that Amazon's lead in the nascent cloud market is "over," Ellison said that Amazon's dominant cloud infrastructure business - Amazon Web Services - will witness "serious competition going forward."  

Highlighting Oracle's aggressive advance into cloud infrastructure services this year, Ellison said: "We're in the middle of a generational change - from on-premise computing - to super data centers called clouds."

With Ellison's statements about Oracle's cloud ambitions coming against the backdrop of the apparently pent-up demand among Oracle's enterprise  customers for a cloud solution, the company also announced a number of products and services - like machine learning and artificial intelligence applications - for enterprise customers.