Recentin Fails Colon Cancer Tests

Recentin Fails Colon Cancer TestsFollowing the failure of its experimental cancer drug Recentin in treatment of colon cancer reported in a study on Friday, AstraZeneca has decided to terminate its further production.

It has removed the drug as the firstline product for the cancer cure.

The failure was received as a shock by a number of experts as well as the Company.

Its phase III clinical trial, known as Horizon II, the drug proved inefficient in treating the colon cancer patients, when given in combination with chemotherapy.

Also called Cediranib, the drug has already yielded failed results in an earlier study. In earlier trial it was compared point to point with Roche's blockbuster Avastin in March.

"Looking at the results from both these trials, we felt they were not strong enough to justify moving forward in this area, given other treatment options available", said Company spokeswoman Abigail Baron.

Analysts have estimated the Recentin sales to reach $400 million by the end of 2014. The recent failure has added to the Company's already appearing losses.

Following the news, AstraZeneca shares surged by 0.77%, slightly surpassing the 0.5% surge in European healthcare sector

But there is still a hope alive that Recentin can prove useful in treating different cancer types.