Google releases new open-source font --- ‘Noto’

In an announcement made via a blog post released on Sunday, tech biggie Google said that it has rolled out a new open-source font called 'Noto.'

The new font has been named 'Noto' literally for "no more tofu." Noto is essentially a single typeface family which covers more than 800 languages and 100 writing scripts, and ensures a "harmonious look and feel" for all supported languages.

The free-for-download Noto font released by Google is a result of the company's collaborative effort with font company Monotype. Both the companies have been working on the Noto font project for the last nearly five years.

Other than the collaboration with Monotype, Google also partner with Adobe, and had a network of volunteer reviewers, for the Noto font project which - as per Google's blog post - "started as a necessity for Google's Android and ChromeOS operating systems."

Highlighting the fact that key aim behind the release of the Noto universal font for all languages is to keep "information alive," Google said that the font will "enable global communications across borders, languages, cultures and time periods."