YouTube videos show Google Pixel is more durable than indicated by the company

According to indications from two separate YouTube videos, the newly-launched Google Pixel handset is apparently more water resistant and more durable than what is conveyed by Google's meagre IP53 official rating for the handset.

The IP53 rating with which Google has equipped the Pixel handset implies that, technically speaking, the device is not actually meant to withstand even splashes of water. As such, going by the mentioned rating, Google Pixel handset would be best kept away from any source of water, unless it is protectively encased in a waterproof case.

However, despite the fact that Google has not made any claims with regard to the water-resistance of its Pixel handset, two individually-conducted water-resistance tests by YouTubers have shown that that the handset is more durable than indicated.

In one of the YouTube videos, YouTuber Harris Craycraft has revealed that, in his testing of the water-resistance of Google Pixel handset, the device could withstand a complete submergence in water for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, in another video, YouTuber Jonathan Morrison showed that he kept the Google Pixel handset submerged in water for one full hour, and the device survived the test; though the submergence in water affected its speakers.