Facebook rolls out a new feature which gives users a full voter guide

Social network Facebook has revealed in a recent announcement that it is rolling out a new vote planning feature, in order to make it easier for its users to cast their vote in the US presidential election next month. The new feature essentially familiarizes Facebook with who and what will be on their ballot.

The new vote planning feature rolled out by Facebook is the latest election-centric feature to be released by the social network, offering a full voter guide to the users. The feature informs the voters about the presidential candidates, the down-ballot propositions, as well as local politicians. The feature presents the candidates in a random order, in a horizontal scroll.

With the help of the new vote planning feature, Facebook users can "favorite" the candidates and initiatives of their choice, and can refer to their favorites when they reach the voting booth to cast their vote.

About the decision to roll out the new vote planning feature, Facebook said that nearly 20 US states mail out sample ballots before an election. Hence, to offer comprehensive information to the voters about the candidates and the initiatives, Facebook has used data from the nonpartisan Center for Technology and Civic life.

Revealing that the new vote planning feature has been rolled out to "encourage civic participation," Facebook product marketing manager Jeremy Galen said: "We want to help people get information about the candidates and issues all the way down the ballot."