Microsoft: Upcoming UUP technology will reduce the size of Windows 10 updates

In a noteworthy announcement made this week, software biggie Microsoft has revealed that its forthcoming 'Unified Update Platform' (UUP) technology will help the company reduce the size of future Windows 10 updates by one- third.

The imminent use of the UUP technology by Microsoft marks the latest behind-the-scenes change being made by the company in its Windows 10 OS, underscoring a tweak of the Windows update process.

The changes resulting from the UUP technology will essentially reduce the processing power required for performing the Windows update; and will also shrink the size of update files and streamline the update process on Windows-powered smartphones.

According to the information shared by Microsoft in the announcement, the UUP technology will initially starting out on Windows 10 Mobile, but will later be expanded to other mobile devices like Surface, as well as to PCs, IoT products and HoloLens.

With regard to the emerging UUP technology, Microsoft said that the technology has the potential to reduce the download sizes of Windows 10 by "approximately 35% when going from one major update of Windows to another." The company also added that the technology will also likely bring down the amount of processing time on devices.