Microsoft’s new Windows 10 test version includes a virtual touchpad

On Wednesday, Microsoft released the test version of its Creators Update for Windows 10, enhancing its operating system with a virtual touchpad.

The latest Windows 10 test version -- build 14965 -- rolled out by Microsoft to Windows Insiders on Wednesday includes a virtual touchpad which will essentially give Windows 10 users the ability to control external monitors from tablets, without attaching a mouse.

Describing the virtual touchpad as a mechanism for controlling external monitors with a tablet and no mouse, Microsoft said that the feature, if selected by users, will be positioned in the taskbar, unfolding a virtual trackpad on the screen that can be used to control the mouse and the left-click or right-click options.

About the virtual touchpad being introduced to Windows 10 in the newest test build, Microsoft software engineer Dona Sarkar said in a blog post announcing the new feature: "Use it just like you would a physical touchpad to control content on the connected screen."

Meanwhile, to enable the virtual touchpad feature, users would have to press and hold on the taskbar, and select the 'Show touchpad button' option.