Mac's contribution to Apple's revenue has plunged in the last two years

According to the latest statistics released by some market research firms, there has been a decline in the contribution of Mac to tech giant Apple's total revenue in the last two years.

Going by the latest data, the 12-month share of the Mac of Apple's total revenue in the July-September 2016 quarter was 10.8 percent.

In comparison, the Mac's share in Apple's total revenue in the same quarter last year - that is, 2015 third quarter - was 10.9 percent; and, two years back, it was 13.2 percent. As such, when compared to the 2014 third quarter, the Mac's share in total revenue has come down nearly one-fifth in the 2016 third quarter.

The reported plunge in Mac's contribution to the total revenue generation by Apple in the past two years reinforces the observation by some experts that the Mac PC had been ignored by Apple, which has been giving more importance to its biggest revenue generating product --- the iPhone.

The complaints about Apple ignoring the Mac to favor the iPhone have increased, both in number and volume, after the October 27 introduction of the new MacBook Pro laptops by the company. Some long-time Mac users, specifically content creators in fields like photography, design and software development, have expressed their displeasure over the fact that the new MacBook Pro laptops are not powerful enough to meet their needs.