Google Photos team releases new ‘PhotoScan’ app for Android and iOS

The team behind Google Photos has recently announced the launch of a new app - called 'PhotoScan' - for the Android and iOS platforms. The app, available with effect from November 15, gives users the ability to convert their old photos into digital prints, and save them to the cloud with a single tap.

With the help of the new PhotoScan app, users can easily scan their old prints which can be saved with all other digital photos that they have stored in their Google Photos collection.

The PhotoScan app - which does not require any log-in - has an incredibly simple, game-like interface which facilitates users in quickly scanning a large number of their old photos, so that they can be stored into digital prints and saved to Google Photos.

All the old photos saved by the users of the PhotoScan app - which has the capability to crop, rotate and color correct the old photos - will show up to them when they search for "scans" inside Google Photos.

About the PhotoScan app, David Lieb - head of product development for Google Photos - said that the objective behind the app is to persuade people to digitize their old photos; and added: "These photos are at risk. They're at risk of being lost when you move, they're at risk of fires, floods, and theft. And with every day that passes they fade away a bit - they literally fade away."