Apple is throttling the performance of Qualcomm modems in iPhone 7

According to a Re/code report, unidentified sources familiar with the proceedings at Apple have confirmed that the company is throttling the download speeds on iPhone 7 versions equipped with the Qualcomm modem chip.

The report comes against an early Friday disclosure by Bloomberg that the performance of Qualcomm LTE chips in Verizon/Sprint versions of iPhone 7 is being intentionally throttled by Apple to ensure that their performance matches with that of the slower Intel modems used in the AT&T/T-Mobile versions of iPhone 7.

The Bloomberg report has also highlighted that Verizon/Sprint versions of iPhone 7 come with a Qualcomm X12 modem which is capable of speeds up to 600 megabits per second (mbps); while AT&T/T-Mobile versions of the handset feature an Intel XMM 3360 chip with maximum speed of 450 mbps.

Going by the explanation given by the Re/code sources for the move by Apple to limit the performance of the Qualcomm modem chip in iPhone 7 units, the decision is apparently rooted in the fact that the company wants to ensure uniformity across the iPhone 7 lineup.

In other words, Apple wants that the iPhone 7 units equipped with Qualcomm modems and those equipped with Intel modems are as similar as possible.