Apple gets a new patent titled ‘Flexible display devices’

On Tuesday, US Patent and Trademark Office revealed that it has granted Apple a new patent for a 'flexible' iPhone which can fold in half and uses a flexible OLED display.

The patent granted to Apple is titled 'Flexible display devices.'

The patent was filed by Apple in July 2014. It features a touchscreen smartphone which has a foldable design, similar to the one popularized by clamshell phones manufactured by Motorola in the 1990s.

According to the indications from the patent, Apple's version of a clamshell phone will apparently make use of a flexible OLED display for enabling screens to bend to face each other or fit back-to-back. The patent also hints that different ways of folding the phone can be accommodated with the help of additional hinges.

Going by Apple's vision of the foldable smartphone design, the key components of the upper section of the phone's chassis could include cameras, display controllers, speaker modules and light sensors; while its lower section of the chassis could include microphones, CPU and graphics processor, as well as vibrating and some of the other typical smartphone mechanisms.  Both the sections will apparently be connected via a single- or multi-shaft hinge.