Maserati plans to launch all-electric Alfieri in 2020

In a recent confirmation to Autocar, Maserati has revealed that it has plans underway to launch an all-electric version of its Alfieri two-seater sports car in 2020.

According to Autocar, the 2020 availability timeframe being targeted by Maserati for the launch of its first production electric vehicle (EV) is in line with the launch date which the company had previously disclosed for the EV.

Going by Maserati's announcement, a battery-powered electric drivetrain option for Alfieri is scheduled to hit the markets soon after the launch of the conventional fuel-based V6-powered Alfieri model, which is set for debut sometime in 2019.

For its 2020-scheduled all-electric version of Alfieri, the weight of the two-seater sports car will be reduced considerably, so as to increase the range in the EV. The reduced weight of the EV will also put it at an advantage in terms of emissions.

Moreover, with the launch of the all-electric Alfieri having been planned for 2020, the EV will probably debut at a time when the fleet average of carbon-dioxide limits in the European Union will be set at approximately 95 grams per kg. Hence, the all-electric Alfieri could possibly be the first vehicle ever to have spun the Maserati chassis.